Verizon Wireless has been a trusted partner of mine for two years collaborating on various community initiatives. This company truly has a heart for giving and sharing within the community. “Verizon wanted to partner with someone who we know with the same intensity of a giving heart and spirit, “ according to Hosea Dammons, Indirect Account Manager at Verizon commented. 

Today, Verizon and I partnered to raise money and awareness surrounding the safety of homeless shelters for abused and neglected children in Greenville, SC during the COVID-19 pandemic at Pendleton Place. 

Using the Verizon Matching Gift Program, we were able to present a check for $2K; plus together, we purchased countless essentials and sanitation supplies that were desperately needed from their wish list. 

“It feels amazing, having support locally in our community is everything! On the behalf of the youth we say, THANK YOU!” say Jed Dews, Executive Director at Pendleton Place. This is just one of the many givebacks I’ve been apart of with Verizon & look forward to our next partnership in August!

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